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What is your social type?

Hello guys, what’s up? Do you know what is your social type?


I brought here some social types to teach you:

Wet blanket (E.g: He is very strict and correct. I think he doesn’t like other people to enjoy themselves. He’s a wet blanket. )

Don Juan (E.g: He knows he’s attractive to women. He’s got lots of girl-friends. He’s a Don Juan.)

Chatterbox (E.g: He just can’t stop talking. He goes on and on about totally unimportant things. He’s a chatterbox.)

Gossip (E.g: She loves to discuss other people’s private lives. She’s a gossip girl.)

Killjoy (E.g: She is so negative and boring. She prevents everyone from enjoying their lives. She’s a killjoy)

Pain in the neck (E.g: She is a real nuisance. She makes me angry and tired. I can’t stand her. She’s a pain in the neck.)

Tomboy (E.g: She is a girl who likes to play rough boys’ games. She’s a tomboy.)

Golden boy (E.g: Everyone thinks he is very successful or have qualities that promise future success. He is a golden boy.)

Day-dreamer (E.g: He is always got his head in the clouds. He’s a day-dreamer.)

Good mixer (E.g: She is confident and interested in other people. She likes to meet different kinds of people. She’s a good mixer.)

Snob (E.g:She thinks she’s socially superior. She looks down on others. She is a snob)

Gostaram da lição? Descobriram qual é seu tipo social?

Se não descobriram é porque não entenderam o que escrevi, certo?

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É isso pessoal!


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