work experience1 - Verbs to describe your experience in your last job

Verbs to describe your experience in your last job

work experience1 - Verbs to describe your experience in your last job


Hello Guys, how are you?

Fiz uma listinha aqui de alguns verbos que podem utilizar para descrever a experiência que tiveram no último emprego de vocês:

Carry out: To execute a plan or strategy, to make something happen.
“In my previous position as a researcher, I carried out three different lab experiments”

Collaborate: To work with others cooperatively to produce something
“I collaborated with a group of colleagues to develop a new sales strategy”

Develop: To create or build something
“We developed a new model for evaluating client satisfaction”

Direct: To lead, to be in chargeinterviewing in English, sitting in cafe
“I directed a project related to international sales”

Facilitate: To assist others in completing a task, to make a task easier, to help people move forward on a project or in a discussion.
“In my last position, I facilitated many product development meetings with my colleagues”

Implement: To carry something out
“Along with my sales team, I implemented an inbound marketing campaign and saw excellent results”

Introduce: To bring an idea
“I consistently introduced new ideas in our meetings with the president of our company”

Motivate: To give incentive to do something
“In my position as manager at my last job, I was able to motivate my colleagues to set a sales record in 2010”

Present: To deliver information to a large group of people (speech or presentation)
“I have presented at professional conferences for the past 3 years in a row”

Supervise: To be in charge of a group, to oversee performance
” I am comfortable supervising large groups of people”

Espero que tenham gostado e utilizem bastante esta dica na hora da entrevista! 😉

See you

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