business ideas 305 - The Most Common Business Idioms – Part 4

The Most Common Business Idioms – Part 4

business ideas 305 - The Most Common Business Idioms – Part 4

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Existem muitas expressões idiomáticas dentro do mundo dos negócios e se você não estiver familiarizado com elas com certeza ficará perdido em muitas conversas na empresa que trabalha. Pensando nisso vou colocar alguns posts relacionados a esse tema a fim de ajudá-los, ok? Esse artigo é só a parte 4. Então, peguem seu caderno e anotem aí suas expressões!

  • call it a day

Meaning: To “call it a day” means to decide to stop working for the day.

Example: Well, John, it’s 7:00 and I’m getting hungry. How about we call it a day?

  • catch someone off guard

Meaning: To “catch someone off guard” means to surprise someone by doing something that he or she was not expecting.

Example: Mike was caught off guard when they asked him to direct the meeting.

  • cave (or cave in)

Meaning: If someone “caves” or “caves in” it means that the person gives in to something or agrees to something that he or she previously did not want to accept.

Example: The employees complained about the change in policy, but the supervisor refused to cave in.

  • change of pace

Meaning: “A change of pace” is something different from a normal routine or schedule.

Example: It´s nice to go on business trips because it´s a change of pace.

  • come up short

Meaning: To “come up short” means to try to achieve something but fail. We often say that someone has ¨come up short¨ when someone fails to achieve a goal, but not completely.

Example: The charity fund raiser was supposed to raise three million dollars, but they came up short.

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