Business English - The Most Common Business Idioms – Part 3

The Most Common Business Idioms – Part 3

Business English - The Most Common Business Idioms – Part 3

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Existem muitas expressões idiomáticas dentro do mundo dos negócios e se você não estiver familiarizado com elas com certeza ficará perdido em muitas conversas na empresa que trabalha. Pensando nisso vou colocar alguns posts relacionados a esse tema a fim de ajudá-los, ok? Esse artigo é só a parte 3. Então, peguem seu caderno e anotem aí suas expressões!

  • behind someone’s back

Meaning: To do something “behind someone’s back” means to do something without someone’s knowledge and in a way that is not fair.

Example: She didn’t think it would be fair to go behind his back and talk to management, so she confronted him directly.

  • behind the scenes

Meaning: What happens in secret or not in front of the general public is said to happen “behind the scenes.”

Example: They make it look so effortless, but they do a lot of hard work and planning behind the scenes.

  • big picture

Meaning: Everything that is involved with a particular situation is called “the big picture.”

Example: Even though we all have very specific tasks to do, our manager makes sure we don’t lose sight of the big picture.

  • blue collar

Meaning: A “blue collar worker” is someone who works with his or her hands (manufacturing, construction, maintenance, etc.). The opposite is a “white collar worker.” A white collar worker is someone who works in an office (customer service, management, sales, etc.) ¨Blue collar¨(and ¨white collar¨) can also be used to describe a job, position, or a place.

Example: It’s a blue collar town with a lot of farmers and factory workers.

  • by the book

Meaning: To do things “by the book” means to do things according to company policy or law. It means to follow the rules 100%.

Example: There are a lot of regulatory industries that audit us on a regular basis. It’s important that we do everything by the book.

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