2016 07 28 35001 - Talking about politics!

Talking about politics!

Hello guys, what’s up?

The topic of the day is: Politics, right?

But, the question is: How to talk about politics with a friend who has a different opinion of yours?

  • Cite Facts Not Opinions

If you absolutely must talk politics at the dinner table, one way to avoid messy confrontations is to steer clear of opinions and instead cite facts.

  • Disagree Respectfully

Don’t shake your head in disgust. Don’t interrupt. Don’t sigh heavily.Don’t roll your eyes. Don’t be a petulant jerk, in other words. There are at least two sides to every debate, two visions for the future, and yours isn’t necessarily the right one.

  • See the Other Side

Let’s face it: If you were right all the time, you’d be president and not that other guy in the White House. There’s a chance you’re wrong about some things. It’s always good to see an argument through your sparring partner’s eyes.

  • Don’t Take it Personally

This is isn’t about you. Get over your bruised ego or hurt feelings. Move on. Embrace your differences.

  • Keep Quiet

If you really don’t have anything nice to say, the old maxim goes, don’t say anything at all. This is especially true when talking politics. If a civil discussion of the issues is impossible with your friends and family, it’s best to keep quiet.

Take care guys!

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