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Hello guys!!!

Today I’d like to teach you some phrasal verbs with RUN, so, grab your notebook and let’s get started?

  • Run after: to chase or pursue
  • Run around: to run around an area
  • Run away: to run away from somebody who is chasing you, or in the opposite direction from something.
  • Run for: try to be elected to a political or leadership position.
  • Run into someone: Meet someone unexpectedly.
  • Run into a problem: Encounter a problem.
  • Run off: to make photocopies.
  • Run off with (someone): When a married person abandons their husband or wife and stays together with a new lover.
  • Run on: Be powered by
  • Run out of: have none left
  • Run over: to hit with a vehicle (car, train, truck)
  • Run through: explain quickly
  • Run up: run to somebody or something
  • Run with: spend time with people (normally bad)

I hope you have enjoyed! Now it’s time to practice!

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