The Seasons - Phrasal Verbs about Weather

Phrasal Verbs about Weather

The Seasons - Phrasal Verbs about Weather

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Vamos aproveitar essa queda que tivemos na temperatura e aprender alguns phrasal verbs relacionados com clima? Vou ensinar 6 phrasal verbs para vocês e também vou colocar um exercício aqui para treinarem depois, let’s  get started?

  • Brighten up – the sky becomes lighter and the sun starts to shine
  • Cloud over – the sky becomes covered with clouds
  • Clear up – it stops being rainy or cloudy
  • Warm up – to become warmer
  • Cool down – to become cooler

Now, complete these sentences using one of the phrasal verbs you’ve just learned. When you have finished you can check your answers.

1 – There’s a lovely blue sky now but unfortunately the forecast says that it’s going to ___ later in the day.

a.Warming up

b.Cloud over

c.Cool down

d.Brightens up

e.Clears up


2 – I hate when it’s so hot. I wish it would ___.

a.Clears up

b.Warming up

c.Brightens up

d.Cloud over

e.Cool down


3 – I think spring is coming soon because the weather is ___.

a.Brightens up

b.Warming up

c.Clears up

d.Cool down

e.Cloud over


4 – Let’s go for a walk this afternoon if the rain ___.

a.Clears up

b.Cool down

c.Brightens up

d.Warming up

e.Cloud over


5 – We could have a picnic this afternoon if the weather ___.

a.Clears up

b.Brightens up

c.Cloud over

d.Cool down

e.Warming up

Answer Key:







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