love4 - Phrasal Verbs about Dating

Phrasal Verbs about Dating

love4 - Phrasal Verbs about Dating

Hello guys!!!

Today I’d like to teach you some phrasal verbs about DATING, so, grab your notebook and let’s get started?

  • Chat up – talk to someone you are sexually interested in to get them interested in you.
  • Hit it off – have a good relationship from the first time you meet a person.
  • Ask out – to invite someone for a date.
  • Move on – to change from one thing to the next thing.
  • Go out – to date somesome. To be in a relationship.
  • Fall for – to feel love for; be in love with someone.
  • Break up – to end a relationship.
  • Make up – to  stop being angry with someone. to forgive, apologise with someone and to be friends again after a fight or argument.

I hope you have enjoyed! Now it’s time to practice!

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