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Packing for Study Abroad

14543503 1656006631357463 496109928 n - Packing for Study Abroad

If you want to study abroad here there are 10 great tips for you! 😉

1. Don’t pack the basics – ditch the shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc and buy those items once you get to your host city. Of course I’m not saying do without until you can make it to the store; just be smart about packing travel sizes! It’s also a good idea to pack some of these things – especially the deodorant – in your carry-on so that you can get to it easily on the plane.

2. Do bring comfortable shoes. If you only bring one pair of shoes with you, go for the most comfortable pair of shoes!

3. Don’t pack too many season-specific clothes. Stick to clothing that’s good for layering because it’s likely the climate will be vastly different from what you’re used to.

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4. Do pack a change of clothes and some essentials in your carry-on in case your checked bag doesn’t arrive when you do.

5. Don’t let necessities like your passport, ticket, credit and debit cards, some cash, and your new address leave your person at any time. The worst thing that could happen is to arrive and find out your luggage didn’t make it and you have no way of getting to your new home, let alone where your new home is. There are lots of travel wallets and pouches on the market that you can conceal under your clothes.

6. Don’t just throw your clothes into the suitcase. There are tons of videos on YouTube, but I’ll leave you with links to two very aptly-named packing techniques: How to Pack Like a Freaking Ninja: 8 Days in a Carry-On and How to Pack a Carry-On Like  a Boss. If it works for a carry-on, it works for anything!

7. Do bring a few small gifts from home, especially if you’re staying with a host family. They’ll be delighted to receive something from your home country and will return the favor before you leave.

8. Don’t bring too many “comfort blankets.”  Your favorite DVD box set? Definitely (not in the box though, put the discs in a sleeve to save space or, better yet, bring digital files)! Pictures of your family, friends, and pets? Of course! An actual comfort blanket? Sure… But don’t go too crazy and fill your suitcase with reminders of home. Not only does it take up physical space, but it takes up emotional space as well. You’ve got to save room to step outside your comfort zone and make new memories while you’re abroad.

9. Do sort through your clothes before you head back home. If you didn’t wear it while you were abroad, you’re not going to wear it back in the States. Ask around or Google it to find out where the nearest clothing donation box is.

10. Do save room for souvenirs and gifts, whether it’s a collection of mugs from all the cities you visited or a carry-on full of books, you’ll want to bring back things that remind you of your time abroad and/or things that you can’t readily get in the U.S. If you can, leave your carry-on empty for heavy or fragile things like books and coffee mugs, that way you can ensure you handle your bag with care AND you don’t go over the weight allowance.

Source: site – studyabroadspotlight.com

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