Hello guys, do you know the Ordinal Numbers in English? They are very useful. We have to use them when we say the dates in English. For example: I was born in December twelfth (12th). . We can also use them to say some street names, like: The Fifth Avenue, etc… So, let`s check them out?

First 1st: primeiro

Second 2nd: segundo

Third 3rd: terceiro

Fourth 4th: quarto

Fifth 5th: quinto

Sixth 6th: sexto

Seventh 7th: sétimo

Eighth 8th: oitavo

Ninth 9th: nono

Tenth 10th: décimo

Eleventh 11th: décimo primeiro

Twelfth 12th: décimo segundo

Thirteenth 13th: décimo terceiro

Fourteenth 14th: décimo quarto

Fifteenth 15th: décimo quinto

Sixteenth 16th: décimo sexto

Seventeenth 17th: décimo sétimo

Eighteenth 18th: décimo oitavo

Nineteenth 19th: décimo nono

Twentieth 20th: vigésimo

Twenty-first 21st: vigésimo primeiro

Twenty-second 22nd: vigésimo segundo

Twenty-third 23rd: vigésimo terceiro

Twenty-fourth 24th: vigésimo quarto

Thirtieth 30th: trigésimo

Thirty-first 31st: trigésimo primeiro

Fortieth 40th: quadragésimo

Fiftieth 50th: quinquagésimo

Sixtieth 60th: sexagésimo

Seventieth 70th: septuagésimo

Eightieth 80th: octogésimo

Ninetieth 90th: nonagésimo

Hundredth 100th: centesimo maillot de foot 2018 maillot de foot 2018 maillot de foot 2018

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