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Food Phrasal Verbs

Hello guys!!!

Today I’d like to teach you some phrasal verbs about FOOD, so, grab your notebook and let’s get started?

  • Bolt down – To eat your food very quickly.

Example: “Susan only has 15 minutes to eat lunch so she bolts it down really fast”

  • Whip up – To produce or prepare (a meal) very quickly.

Example: “Toni loves cooking so every day he whips up a delicious supper for his wife and kids”

  • Pig out – To eat a lot of food at one time.

Example: “Jamie had been on a diet all week, so during the weekend he pigged out on fast food”

  • Pick up – The act of going somewhere to get a person or thing that you will then take to another place

Example: “There’s nothing in the fridge so I will pick some sandwiches up from the shop”

  • Chop up – To cut into pieces, usually with several sharp blows.

Example: “If you want to help me, please chop these vegetables for the stew up”

  • Stew – a dish of vegetables and usually meat cooked in hot liquid for a long time
  • Warm up – To become warm or to make (someone or something) warm

Example: “If you’re hungry, warm up the leftovers in the microwave”

  • Leftovers – Food that has not been finished at a meal and that is often served at another meal
  • Cut out – To stop doing (something)

Example: “My Dad has very high cholesterol, so he has cut out eggs and dairy from his diet”

  • Cut back – To do less of (something)

Example: “You eat too much salt, you should cut back on salty foods”

  • Knock back – To drink or swallow (an alcoholic drink) quickly

Example: “When John got to the bar he inmediately asked for a big whiskey and knocked it back”

  • Eat out – To eat away from home, usually in a restaurant.

Example: “When I don’t want to cook, my boyfriend and I eat out at a restaurant”

  • Fry up – The act of frying a meal, especially breakfast.

Example: “On Sundays my Mum always prepares a fry up – eggs, bacon, beans and toast. Yum!”

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