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American Slangs with H


Hello guys, what’s up?

Vocês sabiam que grande parte da Língua Inglesa é construída por Slangs? Sim, as gírias estão muito presentes no Inglês Americano, principalmente na língua falada, e sempre temos contato com elas através dos filmes e séries. Por isso, quero postar aqui no blog slangs com todas as letras do alfabeto. Hoje vou mostrar slangs com a letra H. Então, pegue seu caderno e comece a anotar aí:

  • hater: someone that is jealous, dislikes something, or does not approve of something
  • to hang out: to be speding time somewhere or with someone
  • hangover: the negative effects of alcohol the day after heavy drinking
  • hench: very muscular in appearance
  • to be high: to under the influence of drugs
  • high tops: a kind of shoe that ends just above the ankle
  • to hit something: 1. to go somewhere; 2. to eat, drink, or smoke something
  • home boy: a friend (male)
  • honey: an attractive girl or lady (could be considered rude)
  • homey: a friend (male)
  • hot mess: someone with an unkept, messy appearance
  • hustler: a person that does whatever needed to make money (usually by illegal actions)

That’s it for now guys!


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