EFG - American Slangs with E - F - G

American Slangs with E – F – G

EFG - American Slangs with E - F - G

Hello guys, what’s up?

Vocês sabiam que grande parte da Língua Inglesa é construída por Slangs? Sim, as gírias estão muito presentes no Inglês Americano, principalmente na língua falada, e sempre temos contato com elas através dos filmes e séries. Por isso, quero postar aqui no blog slangs com todas as letras do alfabeto. Hoje vou mostrar slangs com as letras E,F e G. Então, pegue seu caderno e comece a anotar aí:


  • to eye something: to see something, to look at something


  • Fake: counterfeit, not real
  • (on) fleek: just right, good, etc. similar to the phrase “on point”
  • Fly: very attractive


  • a G: 1. $1,000; 2. a gangster
  • to get into it with someone: to start arguing or fighting with someone
  • getting paid: making a lot of money
  • ghetto: a very poor area of a city
  • gnarly: very good, cool, awesome, enjoyable (pronounced “narly”)
  • gold digger: a woman that is dating someone for their money
  • a grand: $1,000
  • a groupie: a person (usually a girl) that follows a rock band, or rap artist with the intent of spending time with them
  • green: a way to say money
  • grenade: an overweight, unattractive girl (made popular by TV series Jersey Shore). Also see ‘landmine’ below.
  • Grill: 1. the front (usually metal) section on a car; 2. someone’s teeth

That’s it for now guys!


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