c 300 - American Slangs with C

American Slangs with C

c 300 - American Slangs with C

Hello guys, what’s up?

Vocês sabiam que grande parte da Língua Inglesa é construída por Slangs? Sim, as gírias estão muito presentes no Inglês Americano, principalmente na língua falada, e sempre temos contato com elas através dos filmes e séries. Por isso, quero postar aqui no blog slangs com todas as letras do alfabeto. Hoje vou mostrar slangs com a letra C. Então, pegue seu caderno e comece a anotar aí:

  • cake: buttocks, butt, booty, etc.
  • cash: a way to say money
  • cell, celly: a cellular phone
  • a cheap shot: a hit or punch when someone is not expecting it
  • cheddar: a way to say money
  • cheese: a way to say money
  • chi-city: (pronounced “sha city”) chicago
  • chi-town: (pronounced “sha town”) chicago
  • chica: a way to say girl (actually is the Spanish word for girl)
  • chick: girl, woman (could be considered rude)
  • to chill out: to relax, to be relaxing, to be calm
  • cop: a police officer
  • to cop something: to get something
  • cougar: a lady that pursues, and is attracted to, significantly younger men
  • cray: crazy
  • cray cray: crazy
  • crazeballs: crazy
  • crooked cop: a police officer that acts illegally or unethically
  • crunk: 1. Very fun, exciting, cool, awesome; 2.To be under the alcohol and marijuana at the same time
  • to cut a rug: to dance

That’s it for now guys!


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