dcr66gBc9 - American Slangs with B

American Slangs with B

dcr66gBc9 - American Slangs with B

Hello guys, what’s up?

Vocês sabiam que grande parte da Língua Inglesa é construída por Slangs? Sim, as gírias estão muito presentes no Inglês Americano, principalmente na língua falada, e sempre temos contato com elas através dos filmes e séries. Por isso, quero postar aqui no blog slangs com todas as letras do alfabeto. Hoje vou mostrar slangs com a letra B. Então, pegue seu caderno e comece a anotar aí:

  • baby(‘s) mama: the mother of someone’s child
  • back pack: a large butt, booty, buttocks
  • bad bitch: a strong, independent woman
  • bae: acronym that stands for “before anyone else”. usually used as a term of endearment for a significant other.
  • band (as in rubber band): $1,000
  • bank: a very large amount of money
  • baller: 1. someone who is very good at sports (usually basketball or football); 2. someone who is very successful
  • basic / basic bitch: a person that is very unoriginal in various ways
  • badinkadink: a small butt, booty, buttocks
  • badonka: big, large
  • badonkadonk: a large butt, booty, buttocks
  • badunkadunk: a large butt, booty, buttocks
  • beezy: girl, woman (considered rude)
  • benjamins: $100 dollar bills
  • to be bent on doing something: to be very determined to do something
  • a big deal: very important
  • a bill: $100
  • bizzle: girl, woman (could be considered rude)
  • to blast music: to play music very loudly
  • bling: shiny jewelry
  • bogus: counterfeit, fake, not real
  • bootleg: something that has been recorded illegally (usually movies, DVDs, etc.)
  • booty: a butt, rear end, buttocks
  • to bounce: to leave
  • bows: elbows
  • brawl: a physical fight involving many people
  • bread: money
  • broad: girl, woman (could be considered rude)
  • to break someone’s pockets: to cost (someone) a lot of money (be very expensive for someone)
  • to be broke: to have very little or no money
  • bubbly: champagne
  • to bump music: to play music loudly
  • bucks: dollar bills (money)
  • to bust something: to break something
  • to get busted: to get in trouble for something
  • to buy the bar: to buy a large amount of alcohol (or alcoholic drinks)
  • to buy time: to stall or delay something in order to give someone more time to do something

That’s it for now guys!


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