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6 reasons why you should watch “Inside Out”

Hello guys, have you ever watched “Inside Out”? No? It’s a must see movie, and now I’ll tell you why.

giphy - 6 reasons why you should watch “Inside Out” 

  1. It’s meant for adults and children alike

Children will love it, because it’s funny and it’s clever with plenty of action and ridiculous characters and although it’s easy enough to follow, it also isn’t dumbed down. Adults will love it because it handles surprisingly poignant subject matter beautifully and will reminisce about their own childhood, guaranteed.


  1. The storyline is great

giphy - 6 reasons why you should watch “Inside Out”Riley has had a wonderful childhood, and so the emotion Joy is the main part of Riley’s life.Her long-term memories are all happy ones, and Joy is predominantly in control of Riley’s emotions. However, when Riley moves from her hometown Minnesota to San Francisco and subsequently struggles with her new home and school life, Joy struggles to regain control as Sadness gets involved. The two of them accidentally get lost and need to find their way back to the control room of Riley’s mind. As they make their way through Riley’s imagination, subconscious and dreams, the remaining Emotions Anger, Disgust and Fear are left behind to run the show.


  1. It is visually stunning

It is honestly a work of genius. From the ‘real world’ where everything is slightly dull to the world of Riley’s mind, which is vibrant and glittering and filled with places such as ‘Abstract Thought’ and the ‘Memory Dump’, the contrast and the scope of imagination that must have been involved is wonderful.


  1. It is a serious emotional roller coaster

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll mostly cry. But then you’ll laugh again! Just be sure to wear waterproof mascara so you can laugh heartily at everyone else’s hysterical panda eyes on the way out.

giphy - 6 reasons why you should watch “Inside Out”

  1. It is probably Pixar’s most complex movie yet

Although the film follows the eleven-year-old Riley, she isn’t the main character. The Emotions, and especially Joy, are the main characters. This is no simple adventure of good and evil, right and wrong, and the fact that Sadness is a crucial part of saving the day seems almost too complex for a children’s movie. It seems a little mad to tell a child that sadness can help when their sole purpose is to be happy, right? To sum up, it’s deep stuff. 

  1. You may understand yourself and your kids better afterwards

If you have children, you might be able to use the movie as a way to having them express their feelings and you might just learn something about your own thought process.

That’s my tip for the weekend! I hope you have enjoyed! 😉

See ya!

giphy - 6 reasons why you should watch “Inside Out”

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